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Andres G. writes…

So I was at my locals watching a friend play and his opponent called a judge for a ruling on Void Imagination's Fusion effect. My friend sent Imagination to the graveyard and attempted to use material from both his hand AND his deck. Is this allowed?

Between all the people watching and discussing it – calmly and respectfully; we were ACTUALLY trying to figure this out – we all agreed that the text allowed for materials to be used from hand and deck, but the judge and his opponent ruled otherwise on the basis of "Yu-Gi-Oh! has [crummy] sentencing and this one looks like it's a separate clause, so you pick only one location for material (hand/field, deck).

Hello Andres!

As far as I know, every instance of "or" in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is treated as "and/or" instead of "exclusive or". So "hand or your side of the field" should be treated as being able to use both locations, then Void Imagination also lets you send an additional six Materials from the deck if your opponent controls a monster Special Summoned from the Extra Deck.

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Glen T. writes…

Hello Judge Joe!

I've just recently discovered these Court of Appeal articles, and I read every one as they're released. Even though my friends and I play consistently, we always get caught up in the technicalities of cards. I really appreciate you answering questions; it helps immensely.

Say I activate a card effect like Shiranui Style Swallow's Slash (or any card that has an effect that targeting multiple cards on the field). Does my first targeted card get targeted and destroyed, and then I target another? Or do I target both, then both get destroyed at the same time?

My question revolves around mechanics like Field Barrier, or effects like Number 77: The Seven Sins, where if it would be destroyed, you detach an Xyz Material instead. Can I target both a Field Barrier card first, then the Field Spell since Field Barrier would be destroyed? And do I target The Seven Sins twice if it wouldn't be destroyed the first time? Is that possible? I never found a ruling on how multiple targets in a single effect technically work, and was curious. Thank you so much for your work! ~ Glen T.

Hello Glen!

When an effect asks for multiple targets, you must declare all the targets when you activate the effect. All the targets must be distinct, meaning you can't target the same card twice with the same effect. You can try being fancy with an effect that activates multiple times on the same chain, in which case you could target the same thing for each chain link, but I'm trying to think of a card effect that works like that and am coming up with a blank. Long story short: you can't target Number 77: The Seven Sins twice with one card effect to force two detaches.

When it comes to affecting multiple cards with a single card effect, Yu-Gi-Oh! gets… weird. This is an often misunderstood topic and it's not properly documented anywhere in the rulebook, but as I understand it, when you affect multiple cards in the same chain link, all of those cards are treated as being where they are until the chain link resolves. It doesn't work like "destroy A, and because I destroyed A, now B can be destroyed so destroy B". For your Field Barrier example, it means that Field Barrier will protect the Field Spell you targeted as it's being destroyed. It's admittingly a hard sell, but that's how I think the interaction works.

Fredo writes…

Hey Judge Joe!

When Player A Xyz Summons Stellarknight Triverr from the Extra Deck using monsters on the field as Xyz Materials, and Player B activates Solemn Strike to negate the Summon, will Player A be able to activate the effect of Stellarknight Triverr that allows Player A to Special Summon a "tellarknight" monster from the graveyard? This pretty much comes down to whether or not Xyz Monsters have their materials before their Summons are successful. ~ Thank you!

Hello Fredo!

Sadly, when a monster's Summon is negated, it was never under your control, and if an Xyz Monster wasn't under your control, it couldn't have had Xyz Materials attached to it, so you don't get a free Special Summon afterwards.

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Som K. writes…

Hey Joe. I have a question that seems so simple, but at the same time it's unclear to me. So according to the Fast Effect Timing chart, if the game state is open, the turn player has the next appropriate action for that phase.

For example, turn player A has a Bujin Yamato, and no cards in hand or field, while Player B has a Kozmo Farmgirl. Player A enters the End Phase and Player B agrees, now at The Beginning of the End Phase, Payer B actives Farmgirl's effect to banish it and Special Summon Kozmo Dark Destroyer destroying Yamato before Yamato can activate its effect.

The Reasoning Player B gave was that Farmgirl is a Spell Speed 2, so even though it was Player A's turn, Player A had no other cards beside Yamato, knowing that Yamato is Spell Speed 1, Player B could activate Farmgirl first.

Are there other situations where this would be true? What I mean is that if a non-turn player asks the turn player if they have a Spell Speed 2 effect they can activate, and if the turn player replies that they don't, can the non-turn player activate a Spell Speed 2 card at that point (if there was an appropriate card). Or regardless, due to open game state, would non-turn player have to wait for turn player to perform an action first before they have the chance to do anything.

I hope everything I wrote wasn't too confusing. As always, much thanks in advance and looking forward to reading more from you.

Hello Som!

In an open game state, the turn player has the first chance to perform any action they could normally take during the phase. In your example, at the start of the End Phase, the turn player could activate Bujin Yamato's effect before the opponent could activate Kozmo Farmgirl.

While Farmgirl is Spell Speed 2, the non-turn player still has to wait for the turn player to pass on taking an action or activating an effect to allow the Kozmo player to use Kozmo Farmgirl's ability. If the non-turn player wanted to use Farmgirl to Summon Kozmo Dark Destroyer before Bukin Yamato's effect activated, they would have to activate Farmgirl in Main Phase 2. Once the non-turn player allows Main Phase 2 to end and the game enters the End Phase, they've allowed the turn player the opportunity to take whatever action they want at the start of the End Phase.

Ryan asks…

Hello Joe. This is something I'd like your views on.

If, during the Standby Phase, I have Imperial Order active and exactly 700 LP remaining, will I be forced to lose the Duel, or would Imperial Order be destroyed?


Hello Ryan!

Because the cost is mandatory, if you have exactly 700 LP, you have to pay it, reducing you to zero LP, causing the game to end. If you have 699 LP or less, Imperial Order is destroyed and you can play on.

Andres C. writes…

Hi, I have a question about Miscellaneousaurus. It says Dinosaurs are unaffected by activated effects. So I think it does not prevent destruction from Dark Hole. Reading the wiki, I found that I can activate cards or effect, and Dark Hole counts as card and not as an effect, but the hobby store I go told me I'm wrong. Could you please help me? Thanks.

Hello Andres!

The best way to explain "activated effect" is to say "any effect that isn't continuous". Dark Hole isn't continuous since it's a Normal Spell, but Burden of the Might's ATK reduction is continuous, and this is an effect that Miscellaneousaurus doesn't protect against.

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Connor writes…

Hello Judge Joe! I hope you are doing well.

Connor here with a question regarding what can be activated during damage calculation. Not too long ago, Konami posted the very helpful guide to the Damage Step on the main website detailing how it all goes down. What it didn't actually do was help the players determine what effects outside of the super-specific texts mentioned in the article can be activated. The article mentions nothing about quick effects or effects that negate. Because of this, I'm forced to use some totally unlicensed dueling softwares to attempt to figure this out for myself.

One simple example that will greatly help me: Can Solemn Strike / Toadally Awesome / Cyber Dragon Infinity negate Bujingi Crane?

Hello Connor!

Short answer: yes. Long answer: here.

Jeremy writes…

If Maiden with Eyes of Blue is targeted with the effect of Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss, which one will take effect and how will it work? Will Maiden's effect be negated or will Hot Red Dragon's effect negate Maiden's effect and the Summoning of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon won't go through?

Hello Jeremy!

This depends on the order in which things happened.

If Maiden with Eyes of Blue's effect is activated then Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss's effect is chained targeting Maiden, Maiden's effect will be negated since Abyss resolves first. If Abyss targets Maiden first, then Maiden's effect is chained, Maiden will Special Summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon then be negated – which largely doesn't matter at this point since the Blue-Eyes has already been Summoned.

The Red Dragon Archfiend player would need to bait out a Maiden effect activation then chain Abyss's effect in order to effectively stop a Blue-Eyes Summon.

Ghost Wolf writes…

Can I activate Miscellaneousaurus's effect in Main Phase 1 before I control any Dinosaurs and afterwards the effect will apply when I finally control a dinosaur? Thank you if you respond to this email.

Hello Ghost Wolf!

You need to control at least one face-up Dinosaur in order to activate Miscellaneousaurus's effect. But, assuming you can activate it, its effect will protect any Dinosaur you Summon afterwards (during the Main Phase).

Last question!

Zachary writes…

Hi Joe,

Can Dragon Spirit of White be sent to the graveyard using Mausoleum of White? I know it qualifies as a Normal monster for Dragon Shrine, but unsure if the wording makes it no so in this case.

Thank you!

Hello Zachary!

You can't send Dragon Spirit of White to the graveyard for Mausoleum of White. Dragon Shrine lets you send any Dragon from the deck to the yard then checks if it's a Normal Dragon, which Dragon Spirit of White is only while it's in the graveyard; while Mausoleum of White requires you to pick a Normal Dragon from the deck, which Dragon Spirit of White isn't. It's an Effect Monster while it's in the deck.

And that's it for this week's Court of Appeals! If you have a question about card interactions, game mechanics or tournament policy, send me an e-mail (one question per e-mail please!) to and your question could be answered in a future Court of Appeals!

Court is adjourned

-Joe Frankino

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