For a few years now, I have been an ambassador for the Eggs movement. If you remember, before the deck was "banned out," it won a Pro Tour and was notorious for being excruciating to play against. The way the deck operated involved tons of shuffling and deck manipulation coupled with near-infinite cantrips and mana. Because the combo was rarely 100% to actually win though, you would need to sit there and watch the opponent play a game of Magic by themselves, hoping they would eventually fizzle.

The power level and its tournament-extending nature led to Second Sunrise getting banned. Second Sunrise was an important piece of the deck so many assumed the deck dead after. I took it upon myself to investigate if this was the case, as Faith's Reward was already seeing play in the deck.

When a deck like Thopter Foundry/Sword of the Meek loses one of those two combo pieces, the deck can no longer exist, but Second Sunrise was not the only card that could perform its niche function — Faith's Reward and Open the Vaults fill the same role.

The issue with these cards are that they cost substantially more mana than Second Sunrise, meaning the skeleton of the deck and how it generated mana needs updating. Krark-Clan Ironworks provided that assistance and shifted the deck to being one that cared about Krark-Clan Ironworks more than Second Sunrise or any of its Clones.

With Krark-Clan Ironworks now at the helm, this was the list I came up with to best support and showcase the mana generator:


As I mention in the videos, the determining factor on how good or weak of a choice this deck is depends on the number of Stony Silence running around. The metagame can rarely be hostile to this deck in terms of opposing archetypes, as you have a rather proactive and powerful gameplan, but the metagame can be hostile in terms of trump cards seeing play.

Stony Silence and Rest in Peace are probably the number one and two individual answers, which is why the sideboard is so slanted toward dealing with those. If and when Eldrazi get banned, one has to assume that the number of strong white sideboard cards will go down with it. In that world, Eggs is a pretty solid choice for any given tournament.

If Affinity remains dominant, that does hurt the viability of Eggs through splash hate, as both decks look to abuse a similar linear. Affinity as public enemy number one in some ways is worse for Eggs than Affinity itself, as Affinity has a higher ability to fight through hate, even if there are more strong cards against Affinity than Eggs. For example, Ancient Grudge and Hurkyl's Recall are not good against us, but Stony Silence is such a beating that any edge we get from being resilient to one type of Affinity hate is lost by what we give up against Stony Silence.

Still, this is a deck that stands on its own and there are certainly metagames where I want to be playing this. For now, we must sit back and await the next banned and restricted announcement, but in the meantime, there is always brewing to be had. Thanks for watching!

--Conley Woods--