Ironically enough, Deep Sea Diva was a nickname I had in college. And no, I will not be taking any follow-up questions to that comment.

Anyway, now that Deep Sea Diva's back to Unlimited, I'm sure everyone saw it as an avenue for Mermails and… nothing else. At least for now, as we wait for the Deep Sea theme to arrive in Eternity Code. And while yes, Atlantean Mermails do benefit from triplicate Diva, they aren't the only deck to get a bit of a bump from Diva's escape.

Today, instead of writing out every Mermail combo that comes from Deep Sea Diva's move to three, I'm exploring a trio of different decks that get a major boost from the card - at least, if you're bold enough to try out Deep Sea Diva in other strategies! Only one Mermail monster snuck into any of the below combos, but that one made it on a technicality.

These are just a few of the Deep Sea Diva combos that are out there, and I'm sure someone else has thought of something equally bizarre… but I'll let you be the judge. Get ready for some weird combos that don't end where you expect them to. My only stipulation for these plays was simple - pretend you have no other cards in hand except Deep Sea Diva!

TG Or Not TG... That Is The Question
I'll start with a warm-up combo. Trust me, we need a simple one before we get to the next one, so let's dig into an older deck with new support – the T.G. "Tech Genus" monsters!

-Normal Summon Deep Sea Diva, Special Summoning Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince. Neptabyss sends Atlantean Dragoons to the graveyard from your deck, searching you T.G. Screw Serpent and Atlantean Dragoons

-Synchro Summon Goyo Defender, letting you Special Summon two more. Use two of your Defenders to Link Summon Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights, grabbing a Warrior of youor choice from your deck to your hand. (Whatever you search, you won't need it for this combo.) Use Isolde to send two Equip Spells to the graveyard to Special Summon T.G. Striker

-Link Summon T.G. Launcher with T.G. Striker and Isolde, summoning T.G. Screw Serpent from your hand, T.G. Striker from your graveyard, and T.G. Drill Fish from your deck

-Synchro Summon T.G. Hyper Librarian with your spare Goyo Defender and T.G. Striker, then make T.G. Star Guardian with Screw Serpent and T.G. Drill Fish to draw a card

-That triggers Star Guardian's effect to get back Serpent, and you'll Summon it right away again, reviving Drill Fish to make T.G. Power Gladiator. That draws you a card with T.G. Hyper Librarian

-Lastly, combine T.G. Star Guardian and T.G. Power Gladiator into T.G. Blade Blaster, and worst case scenario, you have a spare card in your hand from Isolde's search; you can use it for T.G. Blade Blaster's discard effect

Not bad for a 1-card combo, right? Thank you, Master Rule 5. And more importantly, thank you Deep Sea Diva.

30 Minutes Later...
This… this one will take a while to explain… Because the zones are very important for this combo, follow this key for which zone means which.

The far left main monster zone I'll refer to as A; the second as B; and the middle as C. Keeping it going alphabetically, the middle-right main monster zone is D, and the far right zone is E.

Additionally, I'll call the left Extra Monster Zone (above "B") "EMZ1" and the right one "EMZ2." Bear with me, if I don't use shorthand and abbreviated terms here, it might take an hour to read this combo.

-Normal Summon Deep Sea Diva and Special Summon Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince from your deck. Use Neptabyss to send Atlantean Dragoons to the graveyard, searching Mermail Abyssmegalo with your first Dragoons and getting a second Atlantean Dragoons from Neptabyss

-Synchro Summon Goyo Defender to B, and since you'll only have Goyo Defender(s) on the field, Special Summon a second and third Defender to C and D

-Link Summon Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights with your second and third Goyo Defender to EMZ1 and use both effects to yard 3 equips, including Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade. Complete that effect by Special Summonng Secret Six Samurai - Hatsume to D and search Six Samurai - Yaichi to your hand

-Discard Six Samurai - Yaichi and Atlantean Dragoons to Special Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo. Search Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi and Lapis Dragon from your deck to your hand; Lapis Dragon Special Summons itself to E

-Link Summon Crystron Halqifibrax with Lapis Dragon and Mermail Abyssmegalo to A, and Crystron Halqifibrax summons Secret Six Samurai - Fuma to E

-Link Summon Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai with Fuma and Isolde into EMZ1, and Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai discards Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi to search Gateway of the Six, which you'll immediately activate. Now here comes the hard part to keep track of…

On the field, you have Crystron Halqifibrax in A, Battle Shogun in EMZ1, Goyo Defender in B, and Secret Six Samurai - Hatsume in D. You also have Gateway of the Six on the field with no additional cards in hand. Since both Gateway and Battle Shogun accumulate Bushido Counters, and since Gateway pulls from anywhere on the field, you'll combine them into one pool mentally and always pull from Battle Shogun first when using any of Gateway's effects (in case Battle Shogun leaves the field sometime in the combo). Every time the number of Bushido counters changes, I'll let you know (in brackets).

Keep in mind, Battle Shogun only gets Bushido Counters when Six Samurai monsters are summoned to a zone it points to, so it's not a free +3 counters every time you field a Six Samurai. Otherwise, this combo would be about two paragraphs long.

-Link Summon a second Battle Shogun with your first Battle Shogun and Goyo Defender, putting it in EMZ2 (2 Bushido Counters). Then, use Secret Six Samurai - Hatsume and banish Secret Six Samurai - Fuma and Six Samurai - Yaichi to summon your first Battle Shogun into E (5 Bushido Counters)

-Remove 4 Bushido Counters (1 counter) to search Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan, and Special Summon it to C (4 counters); remove those 4 Counters (0 counters) to search another Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan

-Link Summon Saryuja Skull Dread to E with Crystron Halqifibrax, Secret Six Samurai - Hatsume, and your revived Battle Shogun from E

-Special Summon a Kizan to D (2), then overlay both Kizans for Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien to C (5). Remove 4 counters (1) to search Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho

-Link Summon a third Battle Shogun with Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien and your Battle Shogun in EMZ 2, placing this one in EMZ 1 (3), then Saryuja Special Summons Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho into C (6)

-Remove 4 Bushido Counters to search Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai (2), then Special Shinai to A (5) because you control Mizuho. Remove another 4 counters (1) to search a second Mizuho, then Special Summon Mizuho to B (3) because you control Shinai

If you're not familiar with those two Six Samurai, please reread their effects as I'll be Special Summoning them and using their effects 50+ times

-Use Mizuho in B, and tribute Shinai from A to destroy your own Saryuja Skull Dread. Since it was tributed, Shinai triggers and gets you back Kizan from your graveyard, then Special Summon Kizan to A (6)

-Remove 4 counters to get another Shinai from your deck (2), but since you control Mizuho, Special Summon the second Shinai to D (4)

-Use Mizuho in C, the one that hasn't used its effect, tributing Shinai from D to destroy Mizuho in B. Shinai triggers again to get back another Kizan, and you summon that to B (6)

-Overlay both Kizans for Daigusto Emeral to D, detaching a Kizan to put back Saryuja Skull Dread and two Battle Shoguns, drawing a card. Whatever you draw is probably helpful, but it's not needed for the combo right now

-Remove 4 Bushido Counters to get back a yarded Shinai (2), then summon Shinai to A (5). Remove another 4 counters to get back Mizuho (1), then summon Mizuho to B (3)

-Since you put back a Battle Shogun with Daigusto Emeral, Link away your Battle Shogun and Mizuho in C for another Battle Shogun, putting it in EMZ1 (5)

-Overlay Mizuho and Shinai into Leviair the Sea Dragon, and thank goodness for Master Rule 5! Put Leviair the Sea Dragon into E, making this combo possible! It's very important that you put Leviair here and don't Link away with Daigusto Emeral!

-Banish Mizuho and a Goyo Defender with Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade, then detach Shinai from Leviair the Sea Dragon to summon your banished Mizuho (8) to C

-Remove 4 Bushido Counters to get back Shinai (4), then summon Shinai to A (7)

-Use Mizuho in C to tribute Shinai in A to destroy Leviair in E - make sure you destroy Leviair, not Emeral! Since you tributed Shinai, you'll get back Mizuho

-Remove 4 more Bushido Counters to get back Shinai (3), then Summon Shinai to A (6) and Mizuho to B (8)

-Use Mizuho in B to tribute Shinai in A to destroy Mizuho in C, and Shinai gets back Mizuho again

-Remove 4 Bushido Counters to get back Shinai (4), then Summon Mizuho to A (7) and Shinai to C (10). Notice how we're slowly creeping up on counters?

-Use Mizuho in A to tribute Shinai in C to destroy Mizuho in B, which adds back Mizuho

-Remove 4 counters to get back Shinai (6), and summon Shinai to C (9) and Mizuho to B (11)

Now, repeat the process say… uh…. I don't know, ten million times? It takes a while since every iteration of the combo only nets a few counters, but hey, who doesn't want a million counters? Repeat it until you have theoretically infinite Bushido Counters on Gateway of the Six, then remove enough to add every Six Samurai from your deck and graveyard to your hand.

After getting the proverbial infinite counters on the board, it's time to draw free cards. With Battle Shogun in EMZ 1 and Daigusto Emeral in D, finish your counter collection with Shinai in A and Mizuho in B, which allows you to summon both Mizuho, Shinai, and Kizan freely. Because you have infinite Bushido Counters, every Six Samurai that hits the graveyard effectively goes back to your hand. Additionally, put back your extra Battle Shogun into your Extra Deck.

Remove 6 counters to bring back Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien, then Link Summon Akashic Magician with Battle Shogun and Shadow into EMZ2, bouncing Daigusto Emeral to your Extra Deck. Summon Kizan, Shinai, and Mizuho into C, D, and E, then Link those 3 with Akashic Magician for Saryuja Skull Dread, drawing 4 cards and putting back 3 Six Samurai monsters.

Don't worry, you'll simply search them again with Gateway using 12 of your infinite Bushido Counters; you effectively drew 4 cards for free.

-Summon Mizuho, Shinai, and Kizan and repeat the same step, getting another 4 free draws, this time using Saryuja as the fourth monster

-Summon Kizan, and tribute with Mizuho to destroy your own Saryuja, then summon 2 more Kizan to make Daigusto Emeral. Now as long as you keep at least 1 Six Samurai and Daigusto Emeral, use the rest of your Samurai to make a Knightmare Unicorn, spinning your own Daigusto Emeral back to your Extra Deck

-From here you can repeat a similar process as above, using your infinite Six Samurai to make Saryuja again, drawing 4 cards, putting back 3 Six Samurai, then adding them all to your hand. Do that again, drawing another 4 cards. This whole combo used up 23 cards from the Main Deck; you've drawn 17 so far, so you've literally seen your entire deck if you're only using a 40 card deck.

So… now what? Simple - reveal all five pieces of Exodia to your opponent and declare yourself the winner. Phew.

You can technically go a step further and by destroying Saryuja with Mizuho again, make Daigusto Emeral to shuffle both copies of Saryuja Skull Dreadback, and draw another eight cards with Saryuja. And if you really try hard you can use Herald of Pure Light to make more Saryuja, but I think seeing 40 cards is probably sufficient.

Exodia? Obliterate.

So Your Brain Probably Needs A Break...
Since I'm restricting myself purely to 1-card Diva combos today, access to other cards even if the second card in a combo is "a card in your hand" is against the rules. If you've played Mermails for any length of time, you're no doubt aware of the crazy things Deep Sea Diva does when it's partnered with other cards, whether it be Mermail Abyssteus or even something as generic as a Water monster.

A few weeks ago I highlighted the hand loop combo , but now we're focusing just on Deep Sea Diva and no other frills. No Mermails in this combo!

-Normal Summon Deep Sea Diva and Special Summon Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince from your deck

-Use Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince for Atlantean Dragoons, ultimately searching a second Atlantean Dragoons and Lapis Dragon

-Lapis Dragon gets Special Summoned with its own effect, and you'll Link Summon Crystron Halqifibrax with Diva and Lapis, Special Summoning Fishborg Launcher from your deck

-Link Summon Bujin Ahashima with Neptabyss and Fishborg Launcher, bringing out the Atlantean Dragoons from your hand and graveyard; Xyz Summon into Bahamut Shark

-Detach an Atlantean Dragoons from Bahamut Shark to Special Summon Toadally Awesome from your Extra Deck and search Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord

-With exactly 5 water monsters in your graveyard, Special Summon Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord and drop 2 cards from your opponent's hand!

-Bring back Fishborg Launcher but Link Summon into Linkuriboh, which will act as defense for Toadally Awesome, at least given my luck (I seem to play a lot of Cyber Dragon players with access to Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon)

-When your opponent starts their turn, pop off your Crystron Halqifibrax for Desert Locusts and pick a third card out of your opponent's hand

While it's not as flashy and it ends with a strange board, you've brought your opponent down to three cards backed up with one negation at the ready (Toadally Awesome). You could use Moulinglacia, Fishborg Launcher, and the rest as fodder for monsters like Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess, but the extra negation she provides doesn't do anything to stop attackers.

Sorry, I've been permanently scarred by Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon, and Apollousa can't stop that. You laugh now, but at some point you're going to lose to Megafleet in this wild west of Yu-Gi-Oh! right now and come crawling back. Mark my words.

After playing Protect the Frog in Paleozoics for so long, there's nothing more frustrating than seeing Toadally Awesome run over in battle, so backing it up with Linkuriboh makes me feel more protected especially against rogue decks.

I'm sure there are lots of other things Deep Sea Diva can do, but my brain's thoroughly fried right now after working with these combos. Hit me up on Twitter if you have an even crazier combo!

Just remember: beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson