The recent partnership between Wizards of the Coast and Matcherino is off to a rocky start. On Saturday, tournament organizer Crokeyz cancelled an MTG Arena event that was meant to showcase Matcherino as a tournament platform, citing technical failures on Matcherino's end.


WotC announced their partnership with eSports platform Matcherino last Wednesday. Among other trumpeted benefits, the partnership allows third-party organizers like Crokeyz to offer Gems as prizes and automate payout to winners. The announcement specifically promoted Crokeyz' Saturday tournament as an opportunity for players explore Matcherino and the new Standard metagame.

Crokeyz has not provided more details on the nature of the technical problems he encountered. His tweet on the day of the event implied that the large number of entrants (over 500) was more than Matcherino could handle. The majority of completed events on Matcherino's events page report fewer than 50 participants.


Commenters on Twitter took the opportunity to chide Wizards of the Coast for partnering with Matcherino over MTGMelee, a platform designed specifically for managing Magic events which has been the go-to solution for tournament organizers since early 2020. MTGMelee recently found themselves in hot water due to one of their organizers, Insight Esports, failing to pay out prizes.

WotC and Matcherino have not commented on this embarrassing start to their partnership, though Wizards' event page on shows no upcoming tournaments. The next MTG Arena event scheduled on Matcherino is RNG Gaming MTG: Arena Tournament, currently scheduled for October 24th with 11 participants.

WotC has also made no further announcements on the future of organized play after the upcoming World Championship. At this point WotC may decide to wait until after the World Championship to provide more information on the 2021-2022 season, so as not to overshadow the biggest event in Magic—especially if they expect their announcement to sour potential World Championship viewers.