The Yu-Gi-Oh community's fully into hype-mode with Phantom Rage and Blazing Vortex spoilers, but sometimes that means card prices can get out of control.

Today, Leon has a deep look into cards that are rising in price; ones that you should stay away from until they fall back to earth! If you're feeling amped and looking to pick up some cool playsets, take a break and check out this video before you hit that checkout button.

If you went in deep on Rise of the Duelist, some of these might look like really tempting prices to sell cards out of your Gaia the Fierce Knight Origin. But for everybody else, these values are incredibly volatile and may plummet in the next few weeks while the community calms down from spoiler-fever.

Fallen of Albaz has an increasing number of Titaniklad the Ash Dragon to summon (including one for the greatest archetype of all time: Tri-brigade), but we've already seen this card slip to around $6 before, and it's likely to hit that point again.

And if you bought into Snake Rain... Well, I'm sorry.

I really am.