The latest set, Darkness Ablaze, has made quite an impact in the Standard format. Though Zacian ADP might be the 'go-to' for most players, another deck has been making waves in the competitive scene: Decigoons. Decigoons is a deck built on using the incredible stall power of Decidueye's Deep Forest Camo which stops all damage from attacks by your opponent's Pokemon V and Pokemon-GX, and Galarian Obstagoon, who can put 3 damage counters onto an opponent's Pokemon when played from hand and prevent all damage done to them by attacks from Basic Pokemon. The combination of these two Pokemon gives you an invincible bulwark that slowly defeats your opponent while they can't do a thing.  

In his Infinite premiere, Tablemon shows off the Decigoons deck from the previous weekend and tries to solve the question: how does this deck win? If you like building a fortress of invincibility and laughing at your opponent's inability to attack you, then this is the deck for you! Check out the video below to find out - can Tablemon make the invincible combo, or will he be defenseless against an army of Volcanions?

Despite a few unlucky games, Decigoons is a great deck list to play if you're looking for something competitive, but still budget-friendly. The Pokemon lineup is fairly cheap and the trainers, while exhaustive, will continue to be useful in any deck you're looking to play. If you want a deck with a low learning-curve that won't punish you too much while you learn to play the game, this is definitely a great starting point!