The upcoming Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set has a lot of people talking about the future of Noble Knights, and now that Reinforcement of the Army is Semi-Limited, the deck is better than ever. Last month Andrew Ocheltree won the YGO Series State Championship in Nevada with – you guessed it – Noble Knights. His build features a small monster line-up with a huge set of supporting spells, including a pair of Reinforcements. The extra deck-searching power helped Ocheltree set up his best plays, and also increased the likelihood of starting the duel with Noble Knight Medraut.


Opening with Medraut and a Noble Arms card is almost always ideal, but when that isn't possible Noble Knight Brothers can be invaluable. Its Marauding Captain-like effect grabs another Knight from the hand and immediately sets up a Rank 4 Xyz. Ocheltree could Summon Noble Knight Borz or Noble Knight Drystan with the effect of Brothers, then equip them with a Noble Arms to search another Equip Spell or destroy a face-up card. After that, he could overlay both monsters for Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights and equip it with the Noble Arms yarded by Borz. It's a solid opening that doesn't involve Medraut and it allows the deck to make strong plays without relying on a single monster.

Ocheltree's success is a testament to the strength of this strategy, and it's just a taste of what's to come when new Noble Knight support arrives in November. His build gave him an excellent matchup against Traptrix Hand Artifacts, arguably the most popular deck of the format. By playing bigger monsters than his opponent can deal with, and protecting them with Forbidden Lance and Breakthrough Skill, he could push past his opponent's backrow with an Xyz Monster equipped with Noble Arms of Destiny and Excaliburn. Noble Knights will be a serious contender at YCS Toronto, and they'll be getting even stronger later this year.