Most of the top tables right now are Burning Abyss and Shaddolls, but two competitors have taken different strategies to the highest tables. One of those duelists is Caleb Cosby, who we profiled yesterday morning with his Tribute Stun build. The other competitor is Dorcin Junior piloting Satellarknight Artifacts, and we're going to take the time to discuss some of the tech choices that have allowed him to survive in this tournament! Dorcin's still in good positioning to make Top 16 at this event, so featuring him seemed like a good choice. Here's his list:

DECKID= 101293If you're reading this live while the tournament's still going on you won't be able to see the complete deck list yet, but there are still some awesome things we can talk about. We've been seeing a fairly standard Satellarknight lineup with nine themed monsters, but Dorcin opted to run one Satellarknight Vega - a choice that let him unclog dead hands and push out Stellarknight Delteros more consistently. Delteros is really hard to get over right now, and even opposing El Shaddoll Constructs don't matter because Delteros instantly replaces itself when destroyed. Satellarknight players seem to be split on whether or not to run Satellarknight Vega, but Dorcin's choice obviously paid off here.

The Artifact engine was by far the standout decision. While drawing Artifact Moralltach is definitely not ideal, resolving unexpected Artifact Sanctums puts you so far ahead in the game. Since Satellarknights naturally play Call Of The Haunted, which just so happens to be Moralltach's best friend, there's even more utility there too. We mentioned how good reviving Moralltach is earlier this weekend in Jeff Jones' deck profile, and all of that's true for Dorcin's deck, too.

While Satellarknights were once on top of competitive play, they're a rogue pick for this event. There were only four people playing it at the start of the tournament, and by the end of Day 1 almost all of them were eliminated. Satellarknights have an uphill battle here, but their access to Rank 4's is completely beyond that of any other deck right now, barring Geargia. Could Dorcin make it all the way to Top 16 and potentially win the first-ever YGO Series $10K Championship? Maybe! His build is solid, and after watching him play a few of his matches I can say that he knows what he's doing. Only time will tell though, and as we wrap up the Swiss rounds of the tournaments tensions are starting to run high.

- Doug Zeeff