Fan favorite Jeff Jones is coming off of an ARG Circuit Series win and a recent Top 8, both we two innovative builds of Burning Abyss or Shaddolls. Today he's back with a 50-card Shaddoll Artifact deck, something that's become somewhat of a standard in the past couple weeks. However, being Jeff Jones means he has to be doing something different, and his build this weekend is no exception. The kicker? De-Fusion and Call Of The Haunted in the Main Deck!

Call of the Haunted is the less shocking of the two, so let's talk about that for a second. Call Of The Haunted is good for two reasons: bringing back Artifact Moralltach to destroy cards, and chaining it to destruction to revive Shaddolls and get their effects. Most - if not all - Shaddoll players are completely forgoing Call Of The Haunted, but Jeff told me it's one of his favorite cards in the entire deck! It's versatile, unexpected, and absolutely game-breaking if resolved at the right moment.

DECKID= 101280…then again, so is De-Fusion! The popular use of this Quick-Play Spell is to get rid of opposing Shaddoll Fusion monsters. By returning El Shaddoll Winda or El Shaddoll Construct back to the deck you avoid their Shaddoll Fusion adding effects, and that's stellar. De-Fusion also only Special Summons the materials if they're in your graveyard, not the controllers, meaning that if your opponent uses Shaddoll Fusion using cards that they own (see: almost all the time), then they don't get any of the materials back.

But that's not the main reason Jeff's using De-Fusion this weekend. One of the cooler aspects is that he's using it on his opponent's turn to return his own El Shaddoll Construct back to his Extra Deck. This allows him to Special Summon Artifact Moralltach and wreck his opponent's field. If he used Shaddoll Beast and Moralltach for El Shaddoll Construct's Fusion Summon then he can not only pop a card on the field but also follow it up with a Rank 5. That's one of the most outlandish uses I've ever heard of for De-Fusion, and it's sure to take Jeff far in the tournament. Make sure to check back here on TCGplayer throughout the weekend to see how his record fares!

- Doug Zeeff