Colorless Eldrazi should be a deck that benefits significantly from the London mulligan rule. There has been plenty of talk about the best way to break Serum Powder, and the best deck for that card may very well be this one. Chalice of the Void is another format-defining card that can be extremely strong depending on the matchup. In this set of matches we ran into some unexpected pairings, but hey—that's the nature of Modern, it is tough to know what to expect. This is the deck:

It's rare that we see a deck rely on only colorless cards. In a format like Standard that simply wouldn't be possible. Here we have access to the best Eldrazi creatures, and there is actually a colorless basic in Wastes. A lot of the hard work with this deck is done before the game actually starts. Oftentimes after mulligans and the first turn or two I have a pretty good idea of whether I'm going to win or lose, which can lead to quick matches.

The idea is to have as fast a start as possible. Being able to exile Eternal Scourge with a Gemstone Caverns or Serum Powder is definitely really nice. We did get to Serum Powder a few hands away. After playing the matches I'm fairly sure that the deck hasn't changed quite as much as players may have expected. Props to our Enduring Ideal opponent, that matchup seems like a nightmare!

The deck can mulligan into specific cards very well. This is especially true after sideboard when we know what the opponent is playing. For example, we can try to find Damping Sphere versus Tron, or Leyline of the Void against Dredge. The Eldrazi clock on its own isn't all that fast, so you really do want some amount of disruption to go alongside the creatures—luckily Thought-Knot Seer is both a clock and disruption! The Simian Spirit Guides may seem odd, but they enable turn one Chalice of the Void which can be huge.

Seth Manfield

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