As Nick Prince explained recently, the simplest way to beat aggro is often to play a slightly bigger aggro deck. After all, a board of 2/2s just can't trade well against a board of 3/3s.

So when Dev got tired of playing against Mono-Red Aggro on MTG Arena, he cooked up this little doozy to stop them in their tracks. With an ideal curve of Pelt Collector into Nessian Hornbeetle into Rotting Regisaur into Questing Beast, this deck can end its fourth turn with 19 power on the battlefield—and unlike other aggro decks, it can keep up that pressure thanks to Nylea, Keen-Eyed and The Great Henge.

With his deck ready, Dev jumps into some games and discovers that "lots of big creatures" is a good strategy against most decks, not just red ones.