Crokeyz is running up the Arena ladder with this Golgari list which combines two powerful archetypes from Eldraine: Knights and Adventures. In a world where Golos out-grinds nearly any decks that try to go into the late-game, aggression is key, and this deck pairs aggression with versatility and card advantage so it can out-value other aggro or midrange strategies.

On the Knights side of things, we have four copies of Smitten Swordmaster // Curry Favor and 23 other Knights to attack early and turn Curry Favor into a one-mana drain 5. That life gain helps soften the blow of cards like Murderous Rider // Swift End, Foulmire Knight // Profane Insight and Midnight Reaper that draw cards at the expense of life.

Since 16 of these Knights go on Adventures, the deck can also pick up value from Adventure synergy cards Edgewall Innkeeper and Lucky Clover. Early game, Edgewall Innkeeper lets you cantrip Order of Midnight and Foulmire Knight without slowing down to play their Adventures, and in the late game multiple Lucky Clover can turn Curry Favor into a one-mana drain 15 to end the game immediately.


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