The plan with this deck is simple:

To support both legs of the plan, we have Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger.



Whenever Kroxa attacks, your opponent has to discard a card, then takes 3 damage if they didn't discard a nonland card (note that this phrasing guarantees the damage against an opponent with no cards in hand). In the early game, you can cast Kroxa as a one-for-one with you opponent, then build up your graveyard until you can escape Kroxa and swing for repeated value. Swing enough times and your opponent will lose their hand, and then the game.

That's a solid plan, but it's too fragile on its own. What if your opponent can answer Kroxa? If only you could play more than four copies.



That's what the rest of the deck is for! Lazav, the Multifarious copies a Kroxa in the graveyard for just two mana, and Thief of Sanity gets you ahead on cards through stealing instead of discarding. Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God is a two-card swing every turn it can activate its +1, and gets even scarier when your opponent is out of cards in hand. These extra threats put a ton of pressure on your opponent, because failing to answer any one of them could cost them the game.









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