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Martyr Proc is the sister deck of Soul Sisters, and its name comes from Martyr of Sands and Proclamation of Rebirth.

Martyr of Sands martyrs itself to gain you a ton of life, which makes Serra Ascendant go super saiyan. As long as you can keep your life up, it will swing in for 5 every turn and win you the game. With its forecast ability, Proclamation of Rebirth can resurrect either of these pieces without leaving your hand, letting you regain life and keep swinging indefinitely. Eventually, the one-for-zero power of Proclamation will your opponent out of resources.

That's not a fast win condition. To speed it up a bit, MTGO player BoBoCTiberius added the Heliod, Sun-Crowned / Walking Ballista combo that's been doing so well in Pioneer. Ranger of Eos and Ranger-Captain of Eos can help find pieces for either combo, so it's like playing two decks at the same time.