After the recent unbanning of Stoneforge Mystic in Modern, it's instantly become the most exciting card for brewers to build around. Control and tempo decks can certainly utilize this card effectively, so this week it's all about brewing the best Jeskai Mystic deck. We don't have any recent tournament results yet with Stoneforge Mystic to guide our brewing. What we can do is go back a few years and remember the decks Stoneforge Mystic was good in when it was legal. We can also look at Legacy decks Stoneforge has done well in. These factors and others led me to create this list:

Slotting Stoneforge Mystic requires thinking about deck building in a completely different way. Stoneforge is a win condition, a source of card advantage and a two-drop rolled into one. It also requires about six slots in your deck. I think the wrong approach is to just cut six cards from your deck to make room for Stoneforge Mystic and two equipment. The question to think about is: what cards can you surround Stoneforge Mystic with to make it shine? There is a very real danger of making a deck too clunky.

In this set of matches the deck played out how it was supposed to. Stoneforge Mystic was the star, and the games we cast it on turn two tended to go in our favor. Cheap removal spells go really nicely alongside Stoneforge Mystic, as Modern decks seem to have lots of creatures in them at the moment. Our draws against the Amulet deck were certainly the worst, but we had a shot to win that one as well. I have decided to completely ignore graveyard decks at the moment. I think they will surface again in a couple weeks but they will be far less powerful after the bannings. For this weekend I expect to see very little of them.

Jeskai decks tend to be the best option for beating creature-based strategies thanks to the combination of Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile and Snapcaster Mage. Of course there's more to Jeskai than that, but those cards are always the core. After sideboarding there are fewer decks you need to target that will be very tough matchups game one. I believe dedicating a number of slots to target Tron is perfectly fine right now. Keep in mind this is a first take on this deck, and there are many archetypes Stoneforge Mystic can fit in. It should be fun to see where the format goes from here.

Seth Manfield

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