Mono-Green Tron is a deck I am very familiar with, and it also happens to be one of the best decks in Modern. The London mulligan rule in my opinion helps Tron more than it does other decks. Tron naturally mulligans frequently, as it is looking to assemble the three Tron lands any way it can. We saw what the deck is capable of in this set of games. Even the perceived bad matchups are quite winnable. This is my list:

With this list I'm able to target pretty much all the big decks in Modern. The Gut Shots aren't really popular right now, but they have always overperformed for me, even in a deck like Tron that is able to generate so much mana. The games where you mulligan a bunch are really tricky, as sometimes choosing two cards to put back on top of your deck isn't easy. Most of the time I keep hands with two Tron pieces, though of course it is even better when you have a way to get all three in your opener.

This is a deck I suspect will be heavily played in London. It is super powerful, and requires dedicated hate in order to beat. You need cards like Damping Sphere and Blood Moon to combat Tron. We were able to battle through land destruction, so even Field of Ruin and Fulminator Mage may not be enough to actually stop a good Tron draw. The game where we won after the Liliana ultimate was pretty funny.

I'm interested to see how the format adjusts in order to attack Tron, as it certainly has a target on its head. There are very few decks that are capable of summoning the super-high power level threats in the way Tron does. It doesn't exactly feel fair to play an early Wurmcoil Engine or Karn Liberated, but especially in a format like Modern, not all decks are fighting fair.

Seth Manfield

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