Scapeshift may be rotating, but ramp will still have a place in Throne of Eldraine Standard. Hydroid Krasis and Nissa, Who Shakes the World are simply too powerful, both in isolation and (especially) when combined.

Voracious Hydra and Bioessence Hydra are some other nifty finishers to play with Nissa, and they give you an excuse to run Gargos, Vicious Watcher. Gargos lowers the price of all your Hydras, including Hydroid Krasis, so you can get even more value when you tap out for them.

This list is rotation-proof, and will only improve with Throne of Eldraine. There will be two more Hydras to choose from in Thunderous Snapper and Steelbane Hydra. Gilded Goose is a great a one-mana play that will ramp you into your other mana dorks and offer a way to bank your excess mana each turn. And The Great Henge will help you stabilize and chain finishers together to overwhelm your opponent's removal.


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