There is a new deck in Standard, and it is almost all planeswalkers! When I first saw the deck, I was like, "Wow this looks really cool, but it can't actually be that good." Now, after winning my fair share with the strategy I'm starting to think it's the real deal. The list belongs to Zac Elsik, a guy who is constantly brewing wild decks!

This deck plays out differently than any deck I have ever played before. Sometimes you are the control deck trying to stabilize versus aggro, and other times it is all about resolving one key high-impact planeswalker. There is a lot of Mono-Red Aggro being played at the moment, as many consider it to be the best deck in the format right now. With that said we were actually beating it, but the games can be super close. Winning a game after a Chandra, Fire Artisan ultimate is definitely a rarity.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this deck is the lands. Without Mobilized District and Interplanar Beacon I don't think the deck would actually be playable. Interplanar Beacon is insane versus aggro, and Mobilized District is a key way to pressure opposing planeswalkers against control. These lands provide some flood mitigation, which is important in a deck with 26 lands. The deck is relying on its planeswalkers to provide some card advantage.

The deck operates almost always at sorcery speed, unless you are ticking up with a Teferi, Time Raveler in play. This makes it very different from a typical control deck. Narset, Parter of Veils might be the most important planeswalker in the deck, because it allows you to dig for specific card as necessary. Sometimes you need a sweeper, a Mox Amber or a specific planeswalker, and Narset, Parter of Veils helps find what you need. If you enjoy crazy games and weird board states this is definitely the deck to play, and it's also pretty good!

Seth Manfield

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