YCS Toronto and YCS Rimini closed out the format as the final events before the new Forbidden & Limited List took effect. Alberto Conti's 1st Place Fire King Kozmos from Rimini are already outdated for the current format due to the new limits on Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Maxx "C", and Emergency Teleport. Dark Destroyer's move to the Limited List is probably the biggest difference between builds from Sunday and those from today.

Interestingly, Maxx "C" was one of the most important cards Conti considered while building his deck. He'd make numerous Special Summons while setting up his plays on the first turn, so Maxx "C" would force him to end his turn early. He had the choice of running more traps to defend himself in those situations, or a full playset of Kozmo Tincan. Conti decided on additional Tincans while running three Maxx "C" himself.

DECKID= 105483Conti's Side Deck included a suite of cards for when he'd go second : three Kozmo Goodwitch, two Dark Hole, and Raigeki. These cards allowed him to break set-ups and push past floodgate monsters like Vanity's Fiend and Majesty's Fiend. Against Monarchs he sided Effect Veilers to halt Turn 1 plays, and against Pendulums he sided Twin Twisters and Anti-Spell Fragrance.

It's a well-rounded Side Deck that prioritized the biggest threats at the time, but will need to undergo massive changes for this format. If there's a Kozmo build out there worth playing you can be sure that Alberto Conti will find it.

-Kelly Locke