Alejandro Vivaldo Reyes Suarez won YCS Brazil with Kozmos last week, triumphing over a field of six other Kozmo players in the Top 8. There's nothing shocking about his list, and most of the other Top 8 Kozmos had similar line-ups. Kozmo DOG Fighter has established itself as a one-of Main Deck pick, but Kozmo Strawman's notably missing from Suarez's build. Additionally, he wasn't siding The Monarchs Stormform as an out to Kozmo Dark Destroyer. Instead, he stuck with the classic Cyber Dragon and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon solution. He sided Cyber Dragon alongside Cyber Dragon Core to play around Skill Drain, which could potentially negate Core's name-changing effect.


Xyz Universe has emerged as a top Side Deck pick to counter the Xyz spam of Performage Pendulums. Suarez could turn two Rank 4 Xyz into any Rank 7 he'd normally play in Kozmos, as well as D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga. Flipping Xyz Universe and Summoning Kali Yuga would strip his opponent of two monsters and effectively end their turn thanks to Kali Yuga's moratorium on card effects. During his or his opponent's next turn he could detach a material to destroy all spells and traps on the field, including Pendulum Scales and various floodgates.

Like other Kozmo builds in the Top 8, Suarez played multiple copies of Storming Mirror Force and Time-Space Trap Hole. They're necessary to answer the extremely common mirror match, as well as matchups against Majespecters and Performage Pendulums. Destruction is either resisted or taken advantage of by nearly every major competitive theme. Bouncing cards back to the hand or returning them to the deck is one of the only ways to deal with Pendulum Monsters or self-replacing cards like Kozmo Forerunner or Dark Destroyer. New Kozmos are arriving next month in Breakers of Shadow, and should add some much-needed variety to a theme that's already maximizing on its potential.

-Kelly Locke