Ritual Beasts took 1st Place at the Brooklyn regional last weekend, just one day after the official release of Crossed Souls. Three new Ritual Beast cards debuted in that set, including two new Ritual Beast Tamers and the most powerful Ritual Beast Fusion yet: Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio. The 1st Place build played two of the new Fusion Monster and a Ritual Beast Tamer Zeframpilica. Because each Tamer and Spiritual Beast can only be Special Summoned once per turn, adding a new Tamer to the mix lets you make more Special Summons in more combinations each turn. Zeframpilica shares a similar effect with Ritual Beast Tamer Lara, so the Brooklyn winner played the new Zefra instead of a second Lara.


Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio finally delivers a stable win condition for a deck that often had trouble ending games. Once Ulti-Gaiapelio hits the field it's usually there for good, but it can be even more useful when you're not Summoning it. Spiritual Beast Rampengu can banish Ulti-Gaiapelio to send a Tamer to the graveyard – it couldn't yard Tamers before. Now that Rampengu can do that, it can make Ritual Beast Ambush live all on its own. Spiritual Beast Cannahawk could do the same, but the extra consistency's definitely welcome.

This build isn't just more consistent: it could also play more aggressively thanks to Ulti-Gaiapelio's huge ATK. Spiritual Beast Apelio could push Ulti-Gaiapelio to 4200 ATK very easily, and thanks to its negation effect any attack it made would be very difficult to stop. This new powerhouse Fusion is a major threat to Nekroz, giving Ritual Beasts yet another advantage in one of the most popular match-ups of the format. It's in a great place for a rogue strategy, though it might not be rogue for long if this deck continues to score big Regional results.