Mixing Satellarknights and Artifacts might sound a bit strange, but Charlie Finnegan's hybrid build was hugely successful at YCS Charleston. The Artifact engine was added into nearly every strategy imaginable last year but now rarely sees play. Two duelists made the Top 32 of the YCS with Artifact variants despite Artifact Moralltach being Limited, and they're evidence that Artifacts aren't dead yet. Finnegan replaced the two missing copies of Moralltach with two Artifact Scythe. Its effect slows down Burning Abyss, Shaddolls, and Qliphorts by limiting their access to their Extra Deck. Finnegan's decision to include it in his Main deck isn't only for consistency's sake: his matchups against Xyz, Synchro, Fusion, and Pendulum-heavy strategies was vastly improved with Scythe's effect.


Satellarknight players are already running a full set of Call Of The Haunted – a card that just so happens to be one of the best methods for Summoning an Artifact monster on your opponent's turn. Finnegan's entire monster line-up consisted of cards that would activate when Summoned from the graveyard. With so many Level 5 cards, the Artifact engine opened up the possibility of Rank 5 Xyz Summons, including the new Satellarknight Constellar Diamond. While it's unlikely that Finnegan ever Summoned Diamond that way, the potential to do so was certainly there.

In his Side Deck Finnegan played Imperial Iron Wall to nullify the effect of Elemental HERO Dark Law, or to counter side against cards that could banish monsters from his graveyard. Forced Back was another interesting choice: with its effect he could negate the Normal Summon of opposing Satellarknight monsters and kick them back to the hand. He could do the same against Qliphorts and effectively set his opponent back a turn.

Artifact Satellarknights are a surprisingly well-fitting hybrid with good theory to back it up, but Artifact Scythe may fall out of favor when Nekroz hits the TCG at full force. Time will tell.