Of the six North American players who qualified for the World Championship this year, five of them were using HAT variants. Kheireddine Sehabi, on the other hand, scored his invite with Infernity. His build's noticeably light on traps: a conscious choice to deaden his opponent's Wiretaps and Trap Stuns. Rather than create a defensive set-up using a suite of trap cards, Sehabi focused on destroying his opponent's field with Evilswarm Excition Knight. After nuking the field, a single Infernity Archfiend, Necromancer, Launcher, or Soul Charge would put Sehabi up several cards over his opponent, and allow him to establish a field of Xyz Monsters backed by Infernity traps.


Dynatherium is an unconventional choice that adds a ton of speed to this strategy. As a Level 4 it fuels Rank 4 Xyz Summons for monsters like Exciton and Lavalval Chain, and with its Special Summon effect it's never stuck in your hand. While Sehabi's opponent could get a free monster from either graveyard, that effect's irrelevant if you play Dynatherium on Turn 1. When played alongside Instant Fusion Xyz Summons become available more frequently, and Lavalval Chain can hit the field earlier. Sehabi ran two copies of Diamond Dire Wolf, another Rank 4 that Dynatherium can be used to Summon, and Dire Wolf can even target Dynatherium with its effect!

Infernity remains a top pick in the new format. With Reinforcement of the Army now Semi-Limited both Armageddon Knight and Dark Grepher become more accessible, and the deck's overall consistency increases slightly. Aggressive builds like Sehabi's could become more popular than trap-heavy ones, but in either case Infernity will almost certainly be showing up at upcoming events.