France's Max van Nijverseel made the Top 32 of the European World Championship Qualifier with a Kozmo build that ran Card of Demise and Artifacts. And it wasn't the only deck like that to make the Top 64 – Kim van Campenhoudt also topped with a similar strategy.

Nijverseel's build was a combination of two Kozmo variants, developed nearly a year apart, coming together in one deck. It makes perfect sense: Card of Demise requires low hand counts to work correctly. You need to be able to get monsters out of your hand, and that's a problem for Kozmos. Artifacts, however, are designed to be set in the Spell and Trap Zones. Nijverseel played just twelve Kozmos with only seven of them being Level 5 or higher. It was very easy for him to empty his hand before activating Card of Demise.

DECKID= 105365Card of Demise can end up discarding Artifacts, but with three Call Of The Haunted and two Oasis of Dragon Souls Nijverseel could capitalize on a graveyard loaded with Kozmos and Artifacts. There's usually a risk associated with setting cards while trying to work with Card of Demise.

Nijverseel prevented his set spells and traps from being destroyed by running the Artifact engine, effectively discouraging removal by punishing his opponent for destroying an Artifact card. Lastly, his Artifact engine helped him play Full House more effectively, which was one of the best Side Deck cards of the event.