What makes a deck worth playing in the new format? A solid Kozmo matchup, outs to Pendulum Scales, and decisive OTK's wouldn't hurt. Madolches have all that and more, mostly thanks to Madolche Queen Tiaramisu. Its non-targeting effect makes short work of Kozmo Forerunner and Kozmo Dark Destroyer. Tiaramisu can spin away both ends of a Pendulum Scale, or simply target monsters to clear the field for an OTK.


Orion Miller's Madolche from the Garden City regional last month could do all of that, and it's even better in the new format where its worst matchups are mostly gone. El Shaddoll Winda and Lose 1 Turn used to stop Madolches in their tracks, but both Shaddolls and Qliphorts took major losses on the latest F&L List.

With Winda less of a concern, Miller could drop his Fiendish Chains or Breakthrough Skills for other cards. Time-Space Trap Hole and Storming Mirror Force are likely options since both traps ward off OTK's from Kozmos. If Nekroz end up being pushed out of the competitive scene and therefore Nekroz of Valkyrus is no longer around to prevent game-ending damage, Madolche builds might try to play a more aggressive line-up.

Miller's build featured a playset of Instant Fusion to Special Summon Elder Entity Norden and Fusionist. Norden can Special Summon Madolche Anjelly from the graveyard to set up for another Tiaramisu. Any Level 4 Madolche plus Instant Fusion brings Tiaramisu out to play. You can still pair a Level 3 Madolche with Fusionist to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon or Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction, too. Instant Fusion's incredibly flexible here and fixes the deck's biggest problems: its heavy reliance on Normal Summons. Madolches might end up being a successful rogue pick this format, but they'll need an even better Kozmo match-up to win at the Championship level.