Patrick James topped several YCS and Regional events over the last year, but it's his latest Top 8 that's turning heads. James took Chaos Dragons to a North Carolina Regional as the result of a bet, yet ended up placing 5th despite the handicap.


Was it even a handicap to begin with? Are Chaos Dragons viable this format? To be sure, James' build is awesome. He took advantage of the Light Attribute Performage monsters by sending them to the graveyard with either Kuribandit or Lightsworn cards. From there he could activate the effects of Performage Damage Juggler and Performage Trick Clown, or banish them to Special Summon his Chaos monsters.

James used his Performages and Lightsworns to bring out his best Extra Deck monsters, like PSY-Frame Omega and Abyss Dweller. Omega complimented his strategy by returning banished monsters to his graveyard, recycling Light and Darks for even more Chaos Summons. It's arguably the best Synchro Monster in the game right now, and James could easily Summon it thanks to a full set of Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn.

Chaos Dragons have plenty of new Darks to play with since their last competitive showing in 2012. Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness and Chaos Sorcerer are unlimited now, and you can run two Charge of the Light Brigade. With their power cards back in action, Chaos Dragons can hold their own in nearly any match-up this format.

During games two and three James would side The Monarchs Stormforth to tribute his opponent's Kozmos for Lightpulsar Dragon or Darkflare Dragon. This deck doesn't have many answers to Kozmo Dark Destroyer, so James sided two copies of System Down to keep it off the field. Lastly, Deck Devastation Virus annihilates Performage and Majespecter monster line-ups. A turn two Virus is easy with Chaos Sorcerer or Darkflare Dragon, and its effect is so devastating that it sometimes wins the duel outright.

Chaos Dragons offer another way to exploit this highly-aggressive format. Patrick James may have inadvertently clued players in on yet another viable rogue strategy for Regional-level competition.

-Kelly Locke