Pure builds of Pendulum Magicians are already a rare sight; the majority of Regional-topping Pendulum decks are either Performages or Performage hybrids. Robert Chou's build from the Los Angeles Regional stuck closely to the cards released in Structure Deck: Master of Pendulum, but he's also playing a few interesting tech choices. His Magician line-up is almost exactly what you'd expect and included Xiangke Magician to make a fully-powered Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. He maxed out on Mist Valley Apex Avian for strong Turn 1 negation, and backed it up with both Maxx "C" and Effect Veiler. It's a surprisingly responsive monster line-up that doesn't rely on Performages to work.


Despite avoiding Main Deck Performages, Chou ran a rarely-played Performapal: Performapal Drummerilla. Chou could boost his own ATK with either of Drummerilla's effects, allowing any of his 2500 ATK monsters to destroy Kozmo Dark Destroyer in battle. It was a smart addition here since Chou wasn't playing Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer. He would've had limited ways to Summon Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer so he opted not to play it, even though it's traditionally this deck's best answer to Dark Destroyer. Drummerilla fixes that and adds some flexibility in battle.

The sheer aggression of this strategy necessitates backrow hate like Royal Decree and Denko Sekka. Chou sided three copies of each to keep trap-heavy strategies out of the game. He also sided Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, an extra Effect Veiler, and Flying "C" to bring his total count of hand traps up to ten. He could keep his opponents guessing with his various counters, or simply side whichever ones were best for his current matchup.

This list is solid, but it looks like the majority of players have moved on to Performage hybrids. It's certainly a sign of things to come.

-Kelly Locke