The first round of Regional Qualifiers for the 2015 season kicked off a week and a half ago with plenty of Shaddolls, Satellarknights, and Artifact decks finding success. Scott Page was one of many players who used Satellarknights to score their invite. His build was incredibly straightforward: with a mere nine monsters and a small spell line-up, Page was able to play a massive nineteen traps in his Main Deck. While an extremely low monster count may seem difficult, Page played cards like Soul Charge and Call Of The Haunted to recycle them over and over.

Satellarknight Deneb's deck-searching effect is absolutely necessary to make this strategy function. A set of Upstart Goblin, Pot of Duality, and a pair of Reinforcement of the Army helped Page ensure that he'd see a Deneb early in the duel. Then, as long as his monster wasn't banished, he could use Satellarknight Altair, Stellarknight Delteros, Soul Charge, and Call Of The Haunted to Summon it again. The Satellarknight Rank 4 engine doesn't need much to get started, but when it begins to churn out Xyz Monsters it quickly overwhelms slower strategies like Shaddolls.

The most powerful trap in the Satellarknight arsenal is Stellarnova Alpha, a Counter Trap that negates spells, traps, and monster effects. Its cost is easily paid; you usually want your Satellarknight monster in your graveyard anyways. In this format it's only countered by opposing Alphas or Wiretap, and even gives your a free draw when it resolves. It's an incredibly strong card and Page also played two Wiretaps to keep it from being negated.

Satellarknights have a strong match-up against Shaddolls, and cards like Stellarnova Alpha and Vanity's Emptiness help tremendously against the most-hyped deck of the format. The tables have turned, and now it's Satellarknights that players are most worried about.