Earlier this week Sehabi Kheireddine, the 2014 World Champion, faced off against Billy Brake in the finals of YCS Dallas. Brake won the match and captured his third YCS win, and while his 60-card strategy is definitely worth talking about it actually hasn't been revealed to the public yet! In the meantime we'll be taking a look at Kheireddine's Artifact Shaddolls. Shaddoll builds took a big hit when Soul Charge and Super Polymerization were Limited, yet still out-performed every other deck at Dallas – the strategy claimed fifteen spots in the Top 32.

Kheireddine played a much larger Artifact line-up than most other Shaddoll builds. A set of Artifact Sanctum and Artifact Moralltach aren't surprising, but that's barely half of his Artifact engine. With the addition of Artifact Ignition, Artifact Beagalltach and Double Cyclone, Kheireddine's build is very nearly "Artifacts with Shaddolls" rather than "Shaddolls with Artifacts." His well-balanced hybrid of the two themes features more removal, more Summoning power, and superior Rank 5 access. Constellar Pleiades is easily the best Extra Deck counter to Shaddoll Fusions, and Number 61: Volcasaurus ends games simply by destroying high-ATK monsters like El Shaddoll Construct.

Double Cyclone's particularly interesting: it's typically used to destroy set Artifacts, but Kheireddine could also use it to destroy his own Vanity's Emptiness. All of the trap cards are chainable to Cyclone's effect, and that let Kheireddine play Cyclone in almost any situation where he'd normally use Mystical Space Typhoon. It's worth noting that he was one of only a few duelists at YCS Dallas to forgo Typhoon entirely, opting to play Ignition, Cyclone, Malevolent Catastrophe, and Trap Stun instead. Kheireddine's Artifact Shaddoll deck is designed to crush opposing Shaddoll players while answering backrow threats in a variety of ways. It's a strong build with few vulnerabilities and a highly flexible gameplan, and it'll definitely be a major influence on future Artifact Shaddoll builds.