Last year in Rimini Italy, Japan's Shunsuke Hiyama was defeated in the Finals of the World Championship by Canada's Sehabi Kheireddine, falling short just inches from the title. This year he battled his way back to the World Championship, and in a 2-1 war against former World Champion Galileo Maurico De Obaldia he took a narrow win to cement his place as one of the greatest duelists of all time.


His deck of choice? Tellarknights. With Burning Abyss gone from the Worlds Format and Nekroz suffering a double-whammy of restrictions from both the TCG and OCG, Tellarknights were a huge pick, and Hiyama played a Summon-heavy build with triple Call Of The Haunted, triple Oasis of Dragon Souls, and a whopping three copies of Satellarknight Skybridge.

The Skybridge ensured that Hiyama would see his key Satellarknights reliably, but it also offered an opportunity for fast, explosive openings that could easily lead into a turn one Tellarknight Ptolemaeus. Hiyama ran two Ptolemaeus in his Extra Deck, bolstered by Stellarknight Constellar Diamond, Constellar Pleiades, and Tiras, Keeper of Genesis as his matching Rank 5s. Backed up with a strong line of defensive traps and double Honest, Hiyama powered through his opponents with a strategy that could set up quick, take control of the game, and never let go.

Our congratulations go out to Shunsuke Hiyama of Japan, a most deserving World Champion!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer