Sohrab Pasikhani's undefeated Volcanic deck was the biggest story at YCS Charleston last weekend. His incredible 10-0 record in the Swiss Rounds was a major upset: Volcanics were going toe-to-toe with the best decks in the game and coming out on top. We talked about the potential of this strategy last week, but I was still shocked by Pasikhani's perfect Day 1 run at Charleston. Going undefeated with a deck that isn't Qliphorts, Shaddolls, Satellarknights, or Burning Abyss is no small feat. So what makes this build different than the one we talked about last week, and why was Pasikhani so successful? The answer lies in his absurd amount of draw power.


Nearly every monster in Pasikhani's build can pull cards out of the deck. Summoner Monk, Volcanic Shell, Volcanic Scattershot, and Volcanic Rocket grab cards and add them to the hand, summon them to the field, or send them to the graveyard. For sheer draw power, Royal Firestorm Guards, Magic Planter, Blaze Accelerator Reload, and Reckless Greed let Pasikhani draw into the cards he needed while gaining strong card advantage. Magic Planter's the coolest tech here: it turns extra copies of Blaze Accelerator Reload into two fresh draws. It can also consolidate dead Fiendish Chains, or shut off Vanity's Emptiness.

Volcanic Counter's another neat tech that works wonders against Qliphorts. By loading a single copy of Counter in the graveyard, Pasikhani could guarantee that if he took battle damage through a direct attack, his opponent would end up losing the duel. Combined with Magic Cylinder, Volcanic Counter could easily steal games against aggressive strategies that spend life points quickly. Are Volcanics here to stay? We'll have to wait and see how they stack up against Nekroz, but Pasikhani's YCS performance has definitely garnered some serious interest in the deck. I'd expect to see it at local and Regional tournaments through the end of the format.