Although the prices of Kozmo cards continues to drop, the deck itself is still making consistent Regional Top 8s. Two Kozmos made the Top Cut at the Garden City Michigan Regional, including an Artifact hybrid similar to another build that topped in Tulsa Oklahoma on the same day. This week we'll be checking out the 2nd Place finisher at Garden City, Tom Valachovics' pure Kozmos build.


Valachovics' deck is designed to put Magician Pendulum players in an unwinnable position by limiting their options against Kozmo Dark Destroyer. Anti-Spell Fragrance would slow his opponents down in the early game, or even lock them out of the duel entirely. It gave him a way to survive going first by making a Turn 2 OTK impossible. When play was back to him, he could capitalize on his opponent's inaction and simply OTK them. Six Special Summon spells gave him the Summoning power necessary to win outright if his opponent couldn't answer Anti-Spell Fragrance immediately.

Pendulum strategies have limited answers to Dark Destroyer, so Valachovics sided cards to keep those outs off the field. The greatest threat was Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer. Besides his Main Deck copies of Skill Drain, Solemn Warning, and Vanity's Emptiness, he could also stop Ignister Prominence with Grand Horn of Heaven and Thunder King Rai-Oh. Failing that, Maxx "C" would at least let him recover on the following turn by drawing a few cards off any play involving Ignister Prominence. To counter Xyz threats he also sided Flying "C" to further limit his opponent's Extra Deck options.

Much like Qliphorts and Apoqliphort Towers, Kozmos have settled into a strategy that either OTK's early, or sits on Kozmo Dark Destroyer until the other player runs out of options.