Hello and welcome back to another week of brews here on TCGplayer.com! Last week I rolled out a big list of potential brews and ideas that I wanted to work on this week. Rather than have all of the fun myself though, I left the choices up to you guys and this week we will be brewing around the top vote getters from that poll!

Ever After was the clear winner of the poll, so I wanted to focus a little more on that card than others. As a result there are two different Ever After brews below followed by a Triskaidekaphobia deck, since that came in second place. With that said, let's move to the deck building!

Jund Ever After

The first thing I was inspired to do with Ever After was to create some big combo and pull off some flashy thing where a couple of big creatures came in and won the game. While that is flashy, it isn't realistic in Standard. You can return an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger with haste, but what does your deck do until that point in the game?

Instead, I decided to build a solid midrange deck with a lot of strong creatures and then use Ever After to shove our advantage even further, or to recover from an opponent who figured us out. You see, Ever After returning a Thought-Knot Seer and a Dragonlord Atarka is all the combo I ever need. While Abzan has some appeal to it as well, Jund got me access to Olivia, Mobilized for War, which plays a key role in bridging the fair and unfair halves of the deck.


Elven After

Jund Ever After is really sweet and will be receiving more attention next week, but I did not want to just try one Ever After brew and move on. One of the cooler ideas I had was to incorporate the double Zombify into a tribal Elf shell.

Elves have a lot of powerful enters the battlefield effects such as Shaman of the Pack, Sylvan Messenger and Gilt-Leaf Winnower. While Ever After would not get as much value back in terms of pure mana it could be a synergy piece into a tribal puzzle. I hardly expected this deck to be amazing, but it plays out rather well if you watch the video:


The Number One3 (Triskaidekaphobia)

Second place in the poll solidly belonged to Triskaidekaphobia. I wasn't sure whether this would be a popular choice as so many brewers have taken a stab at making this enchantment work that I thought it might be old already. That said, there has not really been a successful Triskaidekaphobia brew as of yet and I haven't even touched the card, so I figured it was time to take it for a test drive.

While I make some mistakes with the card before I realize exactly how it works, this shell is made specifically to utilize Triskaidekaphobia including tools to manipulate both players' life totals in either direction. I am not quite convinced of this card's strength in a real Standard metagame, but this was a fun look at it regardless.


Wrap Up

That is it for this week! Thank you to everyone who took some time out to vote in the poll last week and I hope you enjoyed this take on some rogue brews. Next week, I want to move forward with our Ever After brews as I think there is some real value there. The deck feels different than Frites—the old Standard Unburial Rites deck from when Innistrad first hit—did, but it has some of the same explosive elements to it so there is promise. Until next week, thanks for watching!

-Conley Woods