We've seen a ton of new Link Monsters this month, revealed from upcoming releases in the OCG overseas. It started with a string of highlights and surprises from LINK VRAINS Pack 3 and continued into more reveals from Premium Pack 2020. Altergeist Memorygant was one of the biggest question marks: a Link 4 boss monster that drew mixed reactions from onlookers and Altergeist devotees alike. There's a lot of doubt surrounding this card.

But is it better than the first responses assumed? Doug looks at Memorygant from a variety of perspectives, comparing it to Altergeist Hexstia, digging deep to see how tough it is to Summon, asking if it's what Altergeists even need and more. So does Memorygant pass muster? Hit the video to find out.

What do you think? Could Altergeists actually benefit from the new Link? Or do the haters have this one right.