The Evolution Cup is the newest offering for competitive play from the Digimon Card Game. If you've been playing the game, you've probably at least heard of the official webcam tournaments that have popped up a few times since the game launched. Think of this as a more polished and frequent version of those with better prize support.

When is it?

These start in July and will be run bi-monthly moving forward. In order to give everyone an event that is accessible to them, there will be multiple opportunities in July, and this will likely be the same for Evolution Cups moving forward. There are four events in North America and one event each for Latin America, Europe, and Oceania. The event page also lists events for France/Spain and Italy that are TBA.

Since these are webcam events you aren't restricted to just playing the event in your time zone, and if you really want to get in as much competition as possible you could even register for multiple events within the same month.

North America

Latin America



What do you need to play?

  1. A 50-card constructed deck and a 5-card digi-egg deck. (Our friends over at can help you out with ideas.)
  2. A webcam or phone camera. Don't be intimidated by setting one up. The Spike Feeders wrote an easy to follow how-to article last year about how to set up a webcam to play Magic: The Gathering online, and the same principles apply here.
  3. A clear play space. Maintaining a clear board state is more challenging when players are limited to the space inside your camera's view, so make sure your area is free of everything but the necessities.
  4. A BCC ID. You can get one when you register for the event, they will have links and instructions on the registration page. If you already have played Dragon Ball Super webcam events you can use the same BCC ID number for this.
  5. A Discord account. The events are run via Discord video chat managed by the host store. When pairings are posted you just click on the "table" number you were assigned to enter the channel for your match. Everything works just the same as an IRL event. You can call Judges by @ing them, chat with players in the lobby between rounds, and view match results when they are posted in the announcements channel.

What can you win?

Previous webcam event prizes were launch promos and sleeves that had been given away over and over since the games pre-launch promotion. Not in the Evolution Cup! This tournament series has its own Evolution cup promos, and an all-new event promo pack with alternate arts and alternate background designs.

Here are the two Evolution Cup Exclusive promos. Besides being beautiful full-art cards that break the frame they also appear to contain an Evolution Cup stamp in the lower right making them a really neat collectable item.

While on the topic of collectability, I should probably mention that only the top 2 finishers from each event will receive this alt art Omnimon! Including the events that are currently TBA, that means only 18 of these will be in players' and collectors' hands this summer. It is likely that these same promos will be prizes for future events, but even if they continue with these for a full year, that means only approximately 108 of these will be around. I will be trying my hardest to win one—I have a feeling this might exceed my monthly TCG budget.

The Agumon will be a little easier to get your hands on. Top 64 from each event will receive one Agumon promo, which isn't too hard to get with a player cap of 256.

After that, Top 32 get the Greymon promo and Top 8 get the WarGreymon promo.

If you manage to battle your way to first place you'll win four event packs and a booster box of Great Legend along with your Omnimon promo.

They didn't forget about everyone else though. Just for participating, you'll receive an Event Pack, an alt-art Koromon, and a Great Legend booster pack.

By now you might be wondering, "What the heck is in this mysterious Event Pack?" Well it's mostly still a mystery to me too, but we did just get some previews on the official Facebook page, and more will come as we get closer to the tournament.

What does this mean for the future of the game?

This seems to be a sign that things are getting into a rhythm for the organizers of the English version of the Digimon Card Game. The pandemic threw a lot of logistical challenges at both the product and event sides of the card game, and finally getting a commitment to a regularly scheduled tournament series with dedicated promos feels like a sign of calmer waters ahead.

The tournament also may be a way to gauge how much interest there is in competitive Digimon and exclusive prize support. The official Digimon Card Game English Version Facebook page has been posting surveys after every release and every event since the beginning, so they clearly are making an effort to ensure that the game is taking players into account every step of the way. If the first few Evolution Cups see an enthusiastic turnout, we'll probably see bigger more competitive events coming soon after.