This is the deck I played at the Mythic Championship. I wanted to see how I could do on the MTG Arena ladder with it, though I've already written and talked about it some more in depth. Even the bad matchups are very winnable as we saw from this set of matches.

There aren't any immediate changes I feel need to be made to the deck. This is a deck I extensively tested and tuned to my own liking, but of course there are other Dimir cards out there that can be advocated for as well. In fact, Dimir Midrange has started to regain a bit of popularity since the Mythic Championship, so I'm no longer the only one playing it.

Esper Control is a rough matchup in general, because game one you are very much geared towards beating creature decks, but if we steal the first game we are massively favored to win the match. With a midrange deck like this I like hedging more toward beating creature decks game one, and then shoring up the other matchups after sideboard. Cards like Fungal Infection and Cast Down are super important.

Part of the incentive for being a two-color deck is having lots of untapped lands, and also reliably casting spells on the first turn of the game. While Fungal Infection and Duress are very different Magic cards, I like both for similar reasons. Having early interaction is key since there are so many decks around with lots of cheap spells. The sweeper package and early removal means that I believe white aggro is actually your best matchup.

The aggro decks in this format invest almost all their cards into proactive threats, so that means it's hard for them to answer your very high impact creatures like Thief of Sanity and Hostage Taker. I'm glad I was able to showcase some of what the deck can do in this set of matches. I have found Red Aggro to be much closer than the White and Blue Aggro matchups, so I wasn't surprised to lose to it. Experimental Frenzy and fading topdecked burn spells is generally what games come down to. If I was playing a Standard tournament tomorrow, this is the deck I would play.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield