Magic players are so used to ignoring Mill cards that sometimes the perfect conditions for competitive Mill slip right under the radar.

We're living in a Standard with those perfect conditions. First, there's never been better support for Mill than there is right now. Drown in the Loch is an efficient, versatile answer to pretty much anything, that only asks, "are you playing a Mill deck?" Into the Story is a four-mana draw-four at instant speed that asks the same question. Those supporting control elements keep mill from being "Burn, but worse."

Second, the best way to fight Oko is to... not fight Oko. Everything Oko does, from gaining life to downsizing threats and stealing creatures, is irrelevant to Mill's win condition.

No one knows what the meta will look like this time next week, after the Banned and Restricted announcement. But for the next few days, Mill could be the way to go.

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