In his quest to make Nadir Kraken good in Constructed, Dev dove deeper into the sea monsters of Standard.

Serpent of Yawning Depths supports the other two beefy boys by making them effectively unblockable, so that's nice. Lochmere Serpent was already a playable finisher in Dimir Control. With Nadir Kraken to bridge you from the mid to the late-game, you've got a reasonable plan to end the game.

Reasonable, but slow and fragile. Nadir Kraken and Serpent of Yawning Depths take time to deploy, and die to anything. When Dream Trawler sets the bar for Standard finishers, Kraken and Serpent need a bit of help to compete.

Dev's solution? Run four copies of Leyline of Anticipation. Your monsters are much scarier when they dodge sorcery-speed removal and you don't have to tap out on your own turn. Instead, you get to hold up Sinister Sabotage and Tyrant's Scorn on your opponent's turn and slam a Serpent on their end step. Plus, powerful sorcery-speed cards like Gadwick, the Wizened and Enter the God-Eternals play much better with your control strategy for the same reason.

Leyline becomes much worse if you can't find it in your opening hand, but it's so integral to making Nadir Kraken good that you have to play all four copies. Play Kraken on-curve on turn three and it will almost certainly die to removal before you get any value from it.

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