Now that YCS Pasadena and YCS Milan are in the record books, the shape of most metagames will probably stay pretty consistent moving forward. There are still lots of Regionals scheduled through December, but the biggest trends are usually guided by YCS action. We're still waiting for many results from Milan, but there aren't going to be any big shifts coming out of that: the tournament looked a lot like prior events.

There aren't many big shakeups headed our way over the coming weeks, and while that might sound a bit boring it also presents a lot of opportunity; you can make metagame reads more confidently because you generally know what to expect, and that makes it easier to adapt and stay ahead of your competition. That's the topic on Leon's mind today, as he presents his top tech picks to help you outplay your opponents.

Have you tried any of these cards yourself? What are your big tech picks? Let us know down in the comments.