Elemental HERO Solid Soldier was a tremendous hit out of the new Mega-Tins, becoming one of the bestselling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplace last week. But there are more hidden gems amongst the new Mega-Tin promos, including today's highlight: Keeper of Dragon Magic.

Where can you run it? By now you probably know all about Doug's love of Fluffals; he's always on the lookout for new Fluffal tech, and this week he's putting Keeper of Dragon Magic to work in everybody's fearsome furry theme! Hit the video to see what he created, and why Keeper of Dragon Magic is such a good fit.

What are YOUR favorite promo cards from the new Mega-Tins? And when do you think we'll finally see Frightfur Patchwork in TCG territories? Let us know your answers to those questions, and your thoughts on Doug's latest creation, right down in the comments.