This draft on Magic Arena was a refreshing change of pace. With Guilds of Ravnica being a brand-new set, there is still plenty to learn when it comes to navigating your way through a draft. Unlike many other Limited formats, here there are five color pairs that you are heavily incentivized to play. In fact, I'm basically never going to play two colors that aren't aligned by a Guild. This means there really are actually five different decks in the format unless you end up playing more than two colors, which is also possible.

Still, it is beneficial to stay mono-color for the first few picks. This means there are two different options to choose from when picking that second color. This is essentially the strategy we used in this draft, as our first few picks happened to be white. Even though initially Selesnya seemed like the most likely choice for our deck, there was never a need to close the door on the idea of being Boros. It is okay to wait even as late as towards the end of pack two to decide on the second color.

We ended up making the correct decision, as our best pack was certainly the third one and we had more than enough playables, despite using a number or picks on green cards. Boros is the most aggressive guild, and I like going for as low a curve as possible. Our deck was quite unique, as it is rare to have so many one-mana cards, though that doesn't make it a bad thing. I would say the average land count for a Boros deck is 16.

The idea is to make use of mentor as best as possible. You want to have creatures that your mentor threats can put counters onto. This deck isn't supposed to block. There were a couple games versus Selesnya where we started blocking our opponent's creatures, and they never went well. Boros is not a place you want convoke threats, even though there are several white creatures with convoke. I felt like our deck was fairly strong, though good Selesnya decks often match up pretty well against what Boros is trying to do.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield