Going into a Kaladesh draft the goal is to remain flexible, but there are certain color preferences to take into consideration. For instance, while I like drafting blue from a power level standpoint it may be the weakest color combination in Kaladesh Limited. However, this can lead players to avoid the color combination like the plague, leaving me able to essentially backdoor into the colors nicely. Opening Confiscation Coup in pack two was a big reason that this happened though. While this draft was a little bit rocky staying flexible definitely has its benefits.

Starting off with primarily black cards worked out well, but pack one in general just wasn't that exciting. Waiting to choose an exact color combination can pay dividends, especially if you don't get passed powerful cards early. There was definitely an opportunity to go into red that I passed up on. Even though the deck didn't fully come together it performed well. It is very possible that Shrewd Negotiation, a powerful card, shouldn't have been maindeck.

Sometimes there are certain cards with big upside but if you can't use them properly they become much worse. Shrewd Negotiation is an example of this. The deck has some artifacts in it, but none are expendable. If a deck has plenty of fabricate effects, for instance, then Shrewd Negotiation gets miles better.

The last few cards in the deck were tricky because the choices were mostly filler. Cards like Hightide Hermit and Live Fast often aren't good enough to make the maindeck, but here I was forced to play them. Even though there was some filler the deck operated much better than I initially assumed.

At the end of this draft I wasn't confident in the deck, but after the games and looking back it was quite solid. Even though I made a pretty bad play mistake on the last turn of the third match, it didn't matter, and the flying creatures did their job. We had the best blue uncommon in Long-Finned Skywhale, the best blue rare in Confiscation Coup, and the top blue commons. We were able to play with the best cards blue has to offer and show that blue decks can win in Kaladesh Limited. The blue cards were actually the big draw to the deck; black dried up after the first pack.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield