Hello and welcome to another edition of Droppin' Baums! Alright, I had to see what all the fuss was about. Some people have claimed that Amulet Titan is the best deck in Modern. That is some high praise! I might have to agree with them after this weeks Baum. Unfortunately, it may also be the single most difficult deck I have ever played. There are so many crazy lines that you can take with this deck to either win the game or essentially lock your opponent out of the game.

This is a combo deck at its core, but that doesn't mean that it can't search up some silver bullets and start beating you down. That's the sheer terror of playing against this deck. You never know what a Tolaria West or a Summoner's Pact can search up! Most decks save the crazy one-ofs for the sideboard. Amulet makes sure they have all of the bullets in the main deck—and that includes a set of situational lands! The deck really has a card for every matchup in the 75. With that being said, its flexibility is what makes Amulet Titan so difficult to play. You could search for the wrong thing about ten times a match. Let's check out this list from the Amulet master himself, Matthew Dilks.

Sideboard Guide

Vs. U/R Phoenix

Vs. Tron

Vs. Humans

Vs. Dredge

Vs. Grixis Death's Shadow

Thank you so much for reading! We will be heading into some more powerful Modern action next week!

Corey Baumeister

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