Hello and welcome to another edition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are taking a peek at Birthing Pod with legs! Prime Speaker Vannifar is a card that hasn't gotten too much love in Standard since it was printed. Let's face it, it's not quite as good as Birthing Pod. But, have no fear Will Erker is here! Will won an MCQ with a Bant Pod list that I had to try out. The value train is just way too appealing!

I made some changes to Will's list—some I liked, some that were definitely wrong. What I love about the deck is the fact that Spark Double gives you so much more reach to do busted stuff. Have you ever activated Prime Speaker Vannifar twice in one turn? Well, it is quite nice! Spark Double gives you the reach to do exactly that! Usually all you need to lock down the game is to active Prime Speaker Vannifar one time. The problem is, Vannifar dies quite often. I'd really like to add a copy or two of Vivien, Champion of the Wilds to give the deck some extra resilience. Let's check out the list!

It's a fun-of machine! I may have gotten a bit carried away with the number of one-ofs I added to the original list. I just love the ability to have a ton of options for any particular game state. While I did truly love playing the deck I don't think it is quite on the power level that other decks in the format are. Value is always nice, but you can't close out the game very easily with value cards. That was one of my major struggles with the deck in playtesting. Another huge frustration is the Mono-Red matchup. I feel so disadvantaged against Goblin Chainwhirler since it cleans up all my ramp creatures. On the other hand, any midrange matchup that can't kill Prime Speaker Vannifar gets easily wrecked by the value.

Sideboard Guide

Vs. Mono-Red

Vs. Esper Midrange

Vs. U/G Nexus

That's it for this week! When value is on your brain, turn to Prime Speaker Vannifar to soothe your pain. More new Standard coming at you next week!

Corey Baumeister

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