Hello and welcome to another edition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are diving into a strategy that is as old as time: ramp. Ramp has had the same strengths and weaknesses forever. The strengths are being able to smash midrange and control to dust. You're playing such powerful and over-the-top threats that your opponent's removal doesn't line up great against them.

Unfortunately, ramp has the same problems historically as well. Hyper-aggressive, linear decks just seem to smash ramp. It's just too hard for ramp decks to play defensive spells along with the ramp necessary to make the deck function. This is the reason we have seen some of the most powerful ramp decks in the past utilizing great removal spells like Kozilek's Return, Anger of the Gods or even Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. All of these spells are pretty easy to cast and don't take up a ton of slots in the deck. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon was even part of the bombs that you ramp into! We don't have access to those kinds of bombs so we have to settle with what I would consider a tier 2 strategy. Let's check out this Blue-Green Ramp brew I've been cooking up!

This deck does some very insane things! I've noticed that any matchup where Nissa, Who Shakes the World is a good card, you have a good matchup. Any matchup where Nissa is bad is a rough one. This deck still needs a bit of tuning but there's something there for sure. Some would think that Steel Leaf Champion seems out of place, and maybe it is. But in this new world with so many planeswalkers running around you need something that can constantly pester them. Steel Leaf Champion is perfect for that job!

Sideboard Guide

Vs. Mono-Red

Vs. Esper Midrange

Vs. U/G Nexus

Vs. Bant Midrange

Vs. Jeskai Superfriends

Well, that about does it. It has been a true honor getting to invade your home every week to bring you some sweet Standard and Modern decks over the years. The level of acceptance you have shown me (even when I was new and a bit rough around the edges) is nothing short of tear-jerking. Thank you for making me feel welcomed and thank you for coming along for the ride. Keep Droppin' those Baums my friends!

Take Care,
Corey Baumeister

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