Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! What a time to be alive! This is what all magic players look forward too. The rotating of stale cards and the welcoming of the new ones! New ideas to discover, fresh interactions to learn and of course a new format to break wide open. Early on formats are usually not my specialty. I find that I do much better after I have an established metagame to work around. Thankfully one person that is very good at early metagame predictions is my brother, Brad Nelson. He was cooking up something spicy in the kitchen and I asked for a taste. Let's check out this spicy brew by FFfreak.

There are plenty of things that were great about this deck and I think there are plenty of things that need improvements. That's week one of Standard for you – there is never going to be that perfect list this early on.

There are lessons to be learned, though. First and foremost, Runaway Steam-Kin is the real deal! This card seriously packs a serious punch! Whenever this card resolves and stays alive when I untap, I just feel unstoppable. One card I do think needs to be adjusted would be Shivan Fire. The card just felt very medium to me against everything but hyper-aggressive red decks. Legion Warboss is another card that I am going to greatly consider including into the main deck. It is so great at dealing with The Eldest Reborn, which seems to be much of the metagame right now.

With it being so early, it is very hard to pinpoint decks to create a sideboard guide for but here is the big three decks I expect to face early on and my plans for them.

Sideboard Guide

Aggressive Red Decks

This matchup just comes down to being able to minimize their board presence until you play creatures that are just much harder to deal with. It can become a tough matchup if you draw to much removal and your opponent plays a Vance's Blasting Station or an Experimental Frenzy.

Big Green Decks

Goal number one of this matchup is to do anything to avoid a Ghalta, Primal Hunger. Justice Strike is your only answer for the powerful card. Generally, this is going to be the good matchups with access to such tough to deal with creatures.


This is a very rough guide to "control decks." There are so many different variants still to be discovered but this is a good baseline start for generic control decks. If it's a Teferi deck, you are going to want the Sorcerous Spyglass. If you play against Grixis, you are going to want some Lava Coil, and if you face down Lyra Dawnbringer you are going to want to max out on Justice Strikes and Fight with Fire. It's too early to tell what is going to be the go to control deck, so for now adapting on the fly is key.

Happy brewing my fellow Baum'ers! Drop those sick decklists down below and I might work on it and take it for a spin in the next couple weeks!

See you next week,
Corey Baumeister