Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! GP Milwaukee is in the books and I have the answer to the metagame! When I say an answer to the metagame, of course I mean an answer for one week until everything changes. That is the nature of Standard these days. Information changes so fast that every week you have to think of the metagame as a brand new one. This deck is brought to you by the very powerful magician Logan Nettles, aka Professor Netts, aka Jaberwocki on Magic Online! Let's check out this masterpiece!

This deck has some serious problems against a few decks in the metagame. Mono-white and mono-red both give this deck a hard time. The card that specifically messes with our plan is Experimental Frenzy—if it resolves it is very likely to win the game. Do everything in your power to avoid that. This deck does absolutely destroy Golgari and Jeskai. If your metagame is shifting to those two decks (which is happening right now after GP Milwaukee) then boy do I have a deck for you! Most people would ask "how does this deck actually kill anyone?" To quote the great Logan Nettles, "you just demoralize them into conceding." If you're into that, check out this sideboard guide and start your campaign!

Sideboard Guide

Vs. U/R Drakes

This matchup is not easy. They have all the time in the world to set up their threats. You can't really pressure your opponent, you just really have to hope your Vraska's Contempts line up with their Arclight Phoenixes.

Vs. Jeskai Control

This is the reason to play the deck. It crushes the current "boogie man" of the format, especially since it leans on Niv-Mizzet, Parun as a win condition—you just get to slam The Eldest Reborn and kill them with their Izzet powerhouse later!

Vs. White Aggro

This matchup can be tricky. If your mass removal spells kill everything in your opponent's deck then this matchup is easy. If your opponent is playing the Pro Tour-winning list it gets harder. Either way, kill everything and hope it is enough!

Vs. Golgari

You don't sideboard much in this matchup because you are pretty much sideboarded for the match-up already. This is also a very good matchup. Enjoy attacking with a Carnage Tyrant at some point in the game! 😉

If you can handle the swings of crushing some matchups and losing to others this is a fine choice moving forward to this weekend and next weekend. Thank you so much for watching everyone! No events for me until GP Portland! I'll see you there for some spicy Modern action.

See you next week,
Corey Baumeister