Hello and welcome to another edition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are taking a look at the very powerful strategy that has had its moments of domination throughout Magic's history. It was even good enough to get me onto the Pro Tour when I was 16! Dredge has been a strategy that seems to defy what a normal game of Magic should look like. Creature removal and hand disruption are normally some of the most important elements in Magic: The Gathering. Those elements don't really fight the good fight against the graveyard strategy. That is why this deck is so powerful.

That's also why the deck has huge problems. A graveyard deck might be difficult to attack with your average main deck, but it is very easy to attack with the right sideboard cards. As a result, we usually see Dredge do very well for a few tournaments then it gets a reality check and starts to do poorly again. Is it the time for Dredge to jump to the top again? Perolemetemosbrutal on Magic Online last weekend seemed to think so. They smashed their way to the top of the MOCS Playoff last weekend with this nice Dredge list. Check it out!

The deck played out very much as I would expect. The games where my opponent had a bunch of hate cards were very tough to win. The decks that either didn't draw the hate or were not prepared struggled to keep up. I think this deck is one of the best metagame decks out there. If your local store isn't ready for graveyards, go make them change their minds.

Sideboard Guide

Vs. U/R Phoenix

Vs. Tron

Vs. Humans

Vs. Dredge

Vs. Grixis Death's Shadow

Thank you so much for reading! We will be heading into some more powerful Modern action next week!

Corey Baumeister

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