Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are taking a peek at Wyatt Darby's fifth-place Esper Midrange deck from Indianapolis last weekend. This deck impressed me so much over the weekend I had to give it a try. The thing that makes this deck so powerful is the fact that every creature creates value outside from just attacking. Value aside, each creature does something so wildly different that it is really hard to have an answer for every kind of threat this deck can throw at you. This deck really reminds me of Modern Humans with the vast array of abilities at its disposal from its creatures. This comes on top of being able to play additional discard and counterspells, and it's a recipe for success.

My initial reaction is that the Sultai Midrange matchup can be a difficult one and that could be a problem moving forward. Beyond that, I think Esper Midrange has a good matchup against everything else. Mono-Red can't beat Basilica Bell-Haunt. Control cannot beat hand disruption plus Thief of Sanity, and White Aggro can't beat Deputy of Detention and Hostage Taker. This deck has the tools to crush anything in its way. It's just about how you use them!

Sideboard Guide


Turbo Fog

White Aggro

Sultai Midrange

After gathering my thoughts about sideboarding, I found myself taking out Dovin very often. I think that just means the card is not good enough for this deck. That would be my first change moving forward with this deck. My suggestion would be another Thief of Sanity and another Hostage Taker. Next week we dive deeper into this new and exciting Standard format!

Corey Baumeister