Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! The Pro Tour has concluded, and holy cow was there a large amount of white aggressive decks! So much dominance from a deck is usually a very bad thing for a Standard format. Do I think that this deck is on that same level of power? No, I do not. I think we are going to see plenty of decks just run over the small creatures next weekend at GP Milwaukee. I also think that the deck we choose to play for the Pro Tour does a fine job at dealing with the current "best deck." Check out the 75 I played this last weekend!

Although I didn't do very well against the field, I do believe that this list crushes the aggro decks! I had some unfortunate draws throughout the weekend along with only getting to play against the deck exactly one time. Our list tends to have a bit of a tough time dealing with the mirror without a bunch of Midnight Reapers, but I also think those cards are quite bad against the rest of the field.

Sideboard Guide

vs. B/G Midrange

I wish I had the secrets for you here. I wish I had the magical sideboard plan that broke it wide open, but sadly that is not the case. It is a bad mirror match that you have to get a bit lucky and draw the better half of your deck. More Midnight Reapers are the secret if you really want to have an edge.

vs. Izzet Spells

This is a very good matchup. We just have to control the threats in a one-for-one basis. Letting them snowball is how we lose. Four Cast Down really make a huge difference in this matchup. Being able to stop that big turn of Drake plus Maximize Velocity is make or break.

vs. Jeskai Control

This matchup we have some spicy tech. Being able to activate Doom Whisperer enough times in response to a Wrath of God effect in hopes of finding Golgari Raiders to deal the last bit of damage happens a decent amount of the time.

vs. White Aggro

I do think this matchup is pretty good. Unfortunately there are so many different builds of White Weenie and some of them are better against us and some are worse. I think the Heroic Reinforcement lists give us the most problems.

This week I am heading to GP Milwaukee with another chance at solving standard. Come and say hi! I will see you next week for more Baum action!

See you next week,

Corey Baumeister